LearnQ Thesis

March 14, 2023
LearnQ Thesis


Humans have learned the best in a 1:1 environment throughout centuries, be it Guru-Shishya, Master-Apprentice, or Jedi-Padawan. We truly believe that the best use of technology is to augment this mentor-mentee relationship instead of replacing it. Our focus at LearnQ is to build the best personalised education ever made.

Three Qs that drive LearnQ

At LearnQ, we believe every child is unique and full of potential. And just like them, their learning habits are unique too. Our thesis is that to make a child realise his potential, s/he first needs to become a better learner. Our AI-driven platform makes it easy to identify their learning habits and our tutors hone in on these patterns.

A child’s early experiences with learning is critical. It defines how he will approach problems later in life. Making a child independent, methodical and data-driven in their learning journey and providing them with a framework and playbook for life, is one of the core values that drives us. We wish to build a new generation of India’s human capital who is analytical, data-driven, innovative, risk-taking and thinking critically.

When we started LearnQ, our core insight was very simple. There are many EdTechs who are innovating on the accessibility and delivery of quality learning materials. However, we don't know if learning is happening. With our own expertise in AI, we envisioned a platform that can quantify learning, and hence the name LearnQ. With the use of explainable AI, we can cue the learning process in the right direction. And with hiring, training and up-skilling great inspiring quality teachers, we can augment the learning process.

LearnQ is founded by alumni of IIT, US Ivy League University, M. S. Ramaiah, and is funded by top angel investors. Our cross-functional team includes Ph.D., MS, and educators with decades of domain expertise and a passion for improving the learning process.


  • Every child is unique
  • It is tough to identify if child is learning
  • LearnQ is building AI-driven platform for quantifying learning
  • Quality inspiring teachers augmented with AI can provide superior learning experience

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