The Learning Outcome

Unlock a learner's full potential through the use of data-driven learning methods and real-time, visually-compelling insights to measure and drive their growth
Powering Data-driven teaching for institutes around the world
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Why us

A Dedicated Solution for Performance Teaching

Thanks to the AI and our extensively trained data models, we are able to identify learning gaps in students before anyone else. This enables administrators and teachers to address the issues promptly. Our performance teaching ensures that no learner is left behind.

Our Mission

Enabling Real-Time Evaluation and Improvement of Student Learning


It tells you about your level of understanding of each topic and a projected exam score. It gives you a baseline to begin your exam prep.

Play & Practice

Play-on-the-go games helps you practice all concepts and question types in the exam curriculum and are designed to reward for speed and accuracy streaks to help you master the concepts.

Mock Test

Practicing full-length mock tests is known to boost exam scores, with our meticulously designed mock tests, get closer to your perfect score.

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Powerful Solutions for All The Stakeholders


Single-point solution to access data on teaching performance and student learning progress for schools & test prep institutes

Get real-time insights into teaching performance
Track student progress and engagement
Easily access data to make informed decisions quickly


Quickly identify and remediate any learning gaps in real-time.

Understand which topics are commonly misunderstood or neglected
Quickly see which students need intervention
Adapt your instructions according to the students requirement

Students & Parents

Master the concepts with ease and track your progress with detailed analytics.

Master the concepts in a fun and engaging game environment
Track your progress over time and measure your improvement
Get detailed insights on speed, accuracy and overall skill
Our FIRST Product

LearnQ Play & Practice - Perfect Companion of Digital SAT Aspirant

Gamified Learning

Play-on-the-go games to practice all concepts and question types in the SAT curriculum.

SAT Mock Tests

Practicing full-length mock tests in real exam like situation to get closer to your perfect SAT score.

Detailed Analytics

Get insights into your improvement in terms of speed and accuracy through AI-generated analysis of your progress.

SAT Diagnostic Test

Know your proficiency in each subject area and a projected score for the SAT exam.