Every child is full of potential. Our mission is to unlock it.

Every child is full of potential. Our mission is to unlock it.

Every child is full of potential. Our mission is to unlock it.

Hello, we’re is a smart learning platform (SLP) where we are building AI tools to quantify the learning process and make teaching data-driven. We believe it’s time to change how we approach learning. Teachers need to effectively use assessment data to power a continuous feedback loop of planning, teaching, assessing, and adapting so they can improve student outcomes. With a real-time feedback loop we can truly personalize learning and ensure that no learner is left behind. 

While learners take assessments in a bite-sized, concept-wise gamified environment on our mobile app, our AI models build their knowledge graph in the background. Our insights engine on top of knowledge graph shows relevant real-time data to administrators, teachers and parents to assist the learning process right when the help is needed. 

Our first product on digital SAT is live. Reach out to us to book a product demo on how can give a 10X boost to your institute’s learning results. We will be adding more products for standardized tests, K-12, higher education, workplace training and more soon.


Kushal Sinha, Ph.D.


Prior to joining LearnQ as Co-founder and CEO, Kushal was leading the AI and scientific computing team at AbbVie Inc., one of the world’s biggest pharma company. He has been given multiple internal and industry awards for accelerating drug development using AI and advanced computing. An alumni of IIT Guwahati and University of Wisconsin Madison, he is author of multiple research papers and book chapters. He is passionate about how AI will shape the future and be an active builder in the field. While taking a break, he loves to cook, read mythology and hit the gym.

Piyush Kumar LearnQ

Piyush Kumar


Piyush has been a long time operator in the field of education. Passionate about making his students successful, he has been on an entrepreneurial journey to build a movement around his mission. Alumnus of M S Ramaiah, he is Ex Co-founder and CEO of Shifoo and UrTutors and scaled his last venture to 3K+ paid users. When not working on his vision, he loves to go on a long drive on his bike or working on a DIY project. 


Raghunath Subramanian

Founder and Global CEO,

Raghu is global CEO and Executive Chairman of, a pioneer in building BNPL for SMBs globally. Prior to joining, Raghu was a Founding member and Chairman of UiPath India which he led to a blockbuster NYSE listing.He is widely recognised as a technology, entrepreneurial and corporate leader across the world. Raghu is also an active board member and investor in successful companies like BritishVolt, Simple Energy, Tender Cuts, Social Swag amongst others, in his portfolio.


Ashish Kumar 

An IIT- Guwahati Alumnus, he had  established Technothlon at IIT Guwahati which has penetration in 450+ cities, 2500+ schools and attended by 1M+ students. He is a keen reader and travel enthusiast who loves to scout out new challenges. He advises the LearnQ team on growth, operations and customer happiness. 

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