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Based on new SAT pattern of 2023, students are going to take adaptive and digital SAT. New digital SAT includes a lot of changes to the pattern. Now more than ever students need a smart companion for their digital SAT prep.

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Digital SAT Gamified


Games are fun and engaging. Our gamification allows users to take a digital SAT practice test in a challenging game environment, preparing them for the real exam. Play-on-the-go games helps you practice all concepts and question types in the SAT curriculum and are designed to reward for speed and accuracy streaks to help you master the concepts.
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Digital SAT Score Calculator

Post-Game Analytics

After each digital SAT practice test, our post-game analytics provide insights into your progress, highlighting accuracy, speed, and overall progression.
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SAT Digital Testing Progress

Progress Dashboard

Feedback on both speed and accuracy and overall skill. Our progress dashboard highlights key metrics to keep you on top of your digital SAT prep. It helps you understand how you have been progressing in terms of speed and accuracy in SAT Reading, SAT Writing and SAT Maths.
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Digital SAT Scores Analysis

Deep-Dive in Analytics

Just knowing that it’s your digital SAT Maths that is troubling you is not good enough. Knowing which concepts you are struggling at and need more practice to master will help you ace digital SAT exam and get into your dream university. Use our deep-dive tools to understand your problem areas and eliminate them.
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College Board Digital SAT Test

Digital SAT Diagnostic Tests with Projected Scores

We have built our diagnostic test keeping in mind the needs of students. Diagnostic test tells you about your level of understanding of each topic and a projected digital SAT score. Our best in class tool gives you a baseline to begin your digital SAT prep.
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Digital SAT Practice Test

Digital SAT Practice Test

Practicing with our full-length digital SAT practice tests is proven to boost your SAT scores, preparing you for the real challenge. It builds your ability to handle exam pressure and helps you to build and perfect your exam day strategy to boost your score and gain confidence.
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AI Tutor

Mia (SAT Copilot): Your AI Tutor

Meet your advanced AI tutor, designed to guide you through digital SAT practice tests and help you dominate the actual exam. With its personalised learning approach, Mia (SAT Copilot) understands your unique learning needs, adapts to your learning style, and provides tailored guidance for effective SAT preparation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the digital SAT?


The College Board, which is responsible for administering the SAT, is implementing changes to the SAT's content and delivery to better suit the needs of students and educators.

Specifically, the SAT will transition from a paper-and-pencil format to a digital assessment platform that can be accessed via computer. Although this shift will bring many benefits for students and educators, the SAT's essential goal of measuring the knowledge and skills needed for college and career readiness will remain the same.

The digital SAT will not simply be a digital version of the current test, as it will be easier to take, more secure, and more relevant. For more detailed information about digital SAT scoring, format, and test-day questions, visit the College Board website.

Which version of the SAT will I take?


The version of the SAT that students take depends on when and where they take the test, as the transition to the digital SAT will happen gradually over the next two years.

  • Starting in 2023, students taking the test outside the US and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands) will take the digital SAT.
  • From 2024 onward, all students will take the digital SAT.

Therefore, if a student plans to take the SAT in 2023:

Students planning to take the SAT in 2024 or later, regardless of their location, should prepare using the LearnQ Official Digital SAT Prep.

Visit the College Board website for more information about the rollout of the digital SAT.

How does gamification enhance the learning experience?


Gamification transforms the traditional learning process into an engaging experience. By taking a digital SAT practice test in a game-like environment, students not only enjoy the process but also retain information better, ensuring they are well-prepared for the actual exam.

What is the difference between the digital SAT and the paper-and-pencil test?


The digital SAT has made changes to both its math and reading/writing sections.

In the digital SAT Math section:

  • Students can use calculators throughout the entire section, and a graphing calculator is integrated into the digital test experience
  • Additionally, the average length of math word problems has been reduced, and the test features more questions that are not as wordy.

In the digital SAT Reading and Writing section:

  • Reading and Writing section are combined into one test section.
  • Instead of reading long passages and answering multiple questions on each passage, students taking the digital SAT will encounter shorter passages, each with just one follow-up question.
  • The digital SAT also features new types of questions, with new prompts that require new strategies.

Visit the College Board website for more detailed information about the digital SAT and how it will be administered.

How should I start studying for the digital SAT?


The best digital SAT practice test prep is exclusively available on! Created on the official College Board digital SAT Pattern,'s official digital SAT study offers over a thousand digital SAT Math questions and thousands of digital SAT Reading and Writing questions.

You can improve your digital SAT skills by utilising the Play & Practice platform, which includes Diagnostic tests, Play & Practice, and mock tests for practicing digital sat tests. By utilising the Analytics section of the app, you can receive real-time feedback on your speed, accuracy, and skills in different sections of the digital SAT exam.

This helps you to learn more effectively as you progress through your preparation, which can keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to standardised tests like the Digital SAT.

How many practice tests should I take to be prepared?


We recommend that students take at least six practice tests to familiarize themselves with the contents of the exam, as well as timing and pacing, before test day. Full-length practice tests are available using the Play & Practice app.

What types of practice does’s Official Digital SAT Prep have?


The practice of Digital SAT using starts with a Diagnostic test that assesses the understanding level of each topic and predicts the exam score. This test provides a starting point for exam preparation.

Subsequently, students can play games on-the-go that focus on all the concepts and question types included in the exam curriculum. These games are designed to reward speed and accuracy streaks, which helps students to become proficient in the concepts.

Once students have mastered all the concepts, they can take full-length mock tests. These tests aid in improving exam scores and bringing students closer to achieving their perfect Digital SAT score. The grammar has been corrected in this rephrased paragraph.

What makes's digital SAT practice test unique?

˅'s digital SAT practice test stands out due to its adaptability, gamified learning environment, and real-time feedback. Our AI-driven platform tailors the practice sessions to each student's needs, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

Why should I choose over other SAT prep platforms?


Choosing for your digital SAT practice test preparation offers several advantages. Our platform is AI-driven, ensuring personalised learning paths for each student. The gamified tests provide real-time feedback, allowing you to understand and rectify your mistakes immediately.

Will's Official Digital SAT Prep show me where to focus when I study?


The Analytics Dashboard provides real-time insights into your Digital SAT performance. You can review your projected exam score by analyzing your Digital SAT Diagnostic test, Digital SAT Mock test score, and section-wise scores for reading & writing and math.

The cross-test scores and sub-scores offer detailed insights into your performance in each topic, allowing you to focus on areas of weakness and improve your overall score. You can check your skill, speed, and accuracy score for all three sections.

Your LQ level score represents your overall speed, accuracy, consistent training, and performance in reading, writing, and math, ranging from 0-1000 for all three sections.

Additionally, the speed table displays your answering speed for different sections and the average time taken per question.

What is included in the Math section of the digital SAT?


The Math section of the digital SAT tests students on topics that are crucial for success in college and career. It includes four categories: Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-Solving and Data Analysis, and Geometry and Trigonometry. The Math questions on the digital SAT come in two formats: multiple-choice and student-produced response.

How many SAT practice tests are there?

˅'s Play & Practice App offers both concept-based bite-size digital practice tests and full-length mock tests for SAT preparation. The app's Play feature provides an unlimited number of digital SAT practice tests in a bite-size format, which helps students to strengthen their understanding of key concepts and topics.

On the other hand, the app's Mock tests feature offers seven full-length SAT practice tests, which simulate the actual test experience. These mock tests are designed to help students to build their endurance and confidence in tackling the actual SAT exam.

How can I use’s digital SAT Math practice to study for the digital SAT?


For optimal usage of's digital SAT Math practice, attempt to complete all math concept games to assess your mastery of each skill. Start by working through the math play section in a top-to-bottom manner, where the skills are categorized into three levels of difficulty. As you progress through the course, take advantage of the diagnostic and mock tests provided to track your improvement.

What is included in the Reading and Writing section of the digital SAT?


The Reading and Writing section of the digital SAT tests students on reading comprehension, rhetoric, and language use by having them engage with academic and literary texts. There are four categories of skills tested: Information and Ideas, Craft and Structure, Expression of Ideas, and Standard English Conventions.

How can I use’s digital SAT Reading and Writing practice to study for the digital SAT?


To fully utilize the digital SAT Reading and Writing section on, it's recommended to work through the section from top to bottom, and complete all the concept games to master each concept. With unlimited practice available, take advantage of the concept games to maximize your learning on the platform.

Which digital SAT practice test is the most accurate?


All of the SAT practice tests available within the Play & Practice App are accurate and reliable. These practice tests are created using the generative AI GPT 3.5 model, which ensures that they are comprehensive and aligned with the SAT test format and standards.

Additionally, the practice tests are verified by expert SAT tutors who have extensive knowledge and experience in designing SAT practice materials. These tutors ensure that the questions are challenging and reflective of the actual SAT exam.

Therefore, students can trust that all of the SAT practice tests available in the Play & Practice App are accurate and reliable, providing them with the best possible preparation for the actual SAT test.

Are digital watches allowed on the SAT?


According to the instructions provided by the College Board, digital watches are allowed for the SAT exam, but with certain conditions. Simple digital non-smartwatches or analog watches are acceptable, but other electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, or other wearable technology are not allowed during the exam.

It's important to note that digital watches with internet or communication capabilities, such as smartwatches, are not permitted during the SAT exam, as they could be used to access unauthorized information during the test. Therefore, students should make sure to check the guidelines provided by the College Board before bringing a digital watch or any other device to the SAT test center.

What benefits can I expect from taking a digital SAT practice test with


Taking a digital SAT practice test with offers numerous benefits. You'll experience a test environment that mirrors the real exam, helping reduce anxiety on the test day. Our real-time feedback ensures you understand your strengths and areas needing improvement. Additionally, the adaptability of our platform ensures that the test challenges you at your level, gradually increasing in complexity as you improve